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How to Eradicate H.pylori

How to Eradicate H. pylori

Up until the discovery of H. pylori in 1982, clinicians attributed peptic ulcers to lifestyle choices—consuming a diet rich in spicy foods and an inability to properly manage emotional and personal stress. Clinicians thought that these lifestyle factors resulted in an overproduction of gastric acid, leading to the formation of ulcers.  Because of this, treatment for peptic ulcers at that time was limited to taking medications that blocked new acid production and neutralized existing acid. Sadly, although these agents alleviated symptoms, the ulcers had a high rate of return. It was the belief at the time that micro-organisms could not survive the extremely acidic environment in the stomach of a living human or other mammal. Warren and Marshallfs discovery opened the floodgates for H. pylori research. Researchers have also established a link between H. pylori infection and gastric cancer, which is the 14th most common cause of death worldwide. If the underlying cause of the peptic ulcer is infection with H. pylori, then treatment will focus on eradication of H. pylori from the gastrointestinal tract. This can be achieved with a course of antibiotics. Typically, a combination of two antibiotics is taken together twice a day for seven days. The course of antibiotics is often combined with a proton pump inhibitor (PPI) medication, and together this is called triple therapy. PPIs block the action of gastric secretory cells and reduce or eliminate levels of acid in the stomach and small intestine. The triple therapy can completely eradicate H. pylori.

 In cancer therapy, the same thing can be said, the combinations of molecular targeted drugs and cytotoxic drugs are recommended.


Molecular Ladder Lottery Theory   Signal Transduction

There is Amidakuji in Japan. If you translate it into English it probably is better to say Ladder Lotteryi‚ ‚έ‚Ύ‚­‚Άj. Add a horizontal bar to many vertical lines and follow the top to the bottom to reach the winning lottery. Those who draw lottery can select the upper part of the vertical line, and can also add one horizontall line. The top is receptor out of the cell and signal is conducted to the bottom in the cell. It may be acceptable that signal transduction is Ladder Lottery with special conditions. In this case, the winning lotteries thought to be transcription factor. While it reaches the transcription factor, its stimulation attenuates in the signal transduction system. In bow and arrow competitions the probability of hitting the center of target will be high from the closer position. Therefore, it can be said that small-molecule drugs that can act on molecule in the proximity of transcription factors or transcriptional factors themselves or RNA are most effective.